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"Before hiring Brian as my personal trainer I was great with working out but horrible when it came to nutrition. Brian gave me a step by step blueprint to success and I finally dialed in my diet. In about two months I've dropped 30 pounds and I'm so close to seeing my abs for the first time in my life. This would have never happened without"  Andrew HaHa Ross
Co founder of  the most requested special needs swim program on the plane

"I have been trained by Jay and Brian on several occasions. It is an amazing experience. I truly recommend everyone to experience a training session with these guys. The memories and the motivation you get out of this is unbeliavble. Worth every dollar and then some."  Per, Norway

"Working with Brian has been great! He always gets back to me when I have a question...and I have had many! I have learned a ton from him and got in such great shape for my wedding that I had to re-alter my gown!"  Beth

"Thanks for always getting back to me so quick. I have never had better online coaching. The service you guys provide is amazing. So glad I signed up . Take care!"  Julian 

"It's been going great my man! I weigh around 157lbs - up 5 pounds with noticeably no body fat gain. I feel healthier and have stuck to the plan and diet with no missed meals or workout days."  Dustin

"I feel great to be honest.. It's so nice not having so much fat on me like before and so nice not eating like I used to. My older coach had me on so many meals that when I switched to 6 a day it really hit me. It felt like I was barely eating anything compared to what he had me on. I was so miserable on my old eating plan but now with this new eating plan it feels like I can have more of a life to be honest. The 2 shakes along with the 4 meals makes it much more stress free than what I was doing before"  Julian

"Hi Brian,

Here's my final pic below, day 1 vs day 42. The program has been great and can't thank you enough.  I'm not sure what is next for me, but you can expect to hear from me again.  Not sure if you have any last minute advice, but again thanks for everything! Oh yeah, and my wife also says a big thank you! Lol"

Sincerely, Joel

"As we all know much of our success in transforming our bodies comes from proper dieting along with a workout regimen that is designed to consistently stimulate and shock the body and muscles. We also need accountability measures, drive, and determination and I have to say Brian was able to whip up the perfect recipe to make it all come together."

"12 weeks ago I became really disgusted with what I saw in the mirror and didn't know where to start in getting back in shape although I have knowledge in areas of body building and dieting. I had stopped working out for years but in order to really get myself going I needed a coach that would hold me accountable while giving me tools different than anything I have tried in the past. I started my research on who I can have as a partner in my journey and after much consideration I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work along side Jay & Brian."

"As you can see from my pictures fat was just oozing all over. When I started my program with Brian I was 243 lbs almost 30% body fat. After 10 weeks I am down to 204 lbs and 13.2% body fat. The result are absolutely phenomenal but I'm not done!! I will keep this team as my partners in reducing more body fat, increasing muscle mass, and coaches in getting me on stage for the 2017 body building competition season. 

Couldn't thank you guys enough!! THANKS"    Robert

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