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Years Training: 31


Las Vegas, NV

Brian Glynn

 Birthdate: November 15

 Hometown: Chicago, IL


Weight: 195 lbs.

Height: 5'-11"

More About Brian


Chicago, IL

Collegiate National Titles


Musclemania Overall Natural World Champion

Played Shao Kahn in One of the Most Popular Video Games of All Time Mortal Kombat

I started training my senior year in high school to recover from a bad car accident. Once I started, I never looked back. I never acheived the level of success as Jay, but I did the absolute best that my physique would allow. Not everybody can be a Mr. Olympia, but we can be the best for our own body. I have been training myself for 31 years and have been training others for 20 years now. I always thought my biggest achivement in bodybuilding came when I won the 1998 Musclemania World Natural Bodybuilding Chamionship, until I met Jay. Training with him for the full year of 2009 and watching him become the first Mr. Olympia to win the title back after losing it was a great experience. When you show up every day and train as hard as you can and push each other in the gym and see him win back the Sandow, it is as though you are up there with him. I always thought I knew everything there was to know about training hard and preparing for competition, but what I learned that year and subsequent years following has been invaluable. I have learned all of Jay's secrets and I am here to help pass them down to you. I have trained athletes, bodybuilders, female competitors, housewives, students and elderly as well. So whatever your fitness goals are, I am very confident that I, along with Jay's assistance can get you beyond whatever you thought your body was capable of achieving. Let's get started!

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